Want to see result even quicker?
Combine Personal training with Nutrition Coaching …

Nutrition Coaching

Want to see results even quicker? Combine Personal training with Nutrition Coaching …. You will leam how to easily maintain your ideal weight for life without feeling restricted…

BodyFix will help you to achieve a balanced diet that’s right for you.

Simple, tasty, health promoting food for the whole family with NO CALORIE COUNTING!

View good nutrition as ‘just something you do’. No fad diets here – just lasting results!*

Exercise has many benefits, however what you may not realise is that 80% of the results you see from any exercise programme depends on the food you eat.

If you’re putting lots of effort into your exercise but not seeing results then you need to flip the focus onto your food intake whilst also making sure you are training Smarter NOT Harder.

With all the conflicting advice out there, it’s easy to get confused about what foods are healthy. BodyFix helps clients to build weekly menus with mouth-watering recipes that they enjoy eating, with no calorie counting. Comfort foods included!

The word ‘diet’ is banned on this programme. Most people have tried many different ‘diets’ in the past, and unfortunately end up putting more weight on after finishing their ‘diet’ than they originally lost during their ‘diet’. This is because you have slowed your metabolism right down… unfortunately every time you try another ‘diet’, this happens again, further slowing your metabolism. This is when we get into yo-yo ‘dieting’ and develop a super-sluggish metabolism and gain lots of weight.

The goal of BodyFix Nutrition Coaching, is to get to the root cause, boost your metabolism, and provide you with real knowledge that you will be able to easily apply within your daily eating plan for the rest of your life. No more yo-yo dieting, just a healthy way of eating for life!

Body fat melts away and stays away, when you achieve health through good nutrition along with a programme of exercise that progressively challenges you.

Training with Precision Nutrition has enabled Cheryl to develop a comprehensive Nutrition Coaching programme that is tailored to each individual after completing an initial in-depth health & lifestyle review at the start of the programme.

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