BodyFixPersonal Transformation System

What are the Benefits?

Healthy Mindset Coaching

Learn the techniques used by athletes, movie stars & most highly successful people, which will help you achieve your best body. Get your subconscious mind working for you rather than against you! These techniques will help you in all areas of your life. Health, Fitness, Business, Relationships… not to be missed!

Personalised Exercise Programmes

Learn how to exercise smarter not harder. You don't need to spend hours at the gym every day to improve your fitness & get a super-toned body. Exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home, no equipment necessary. Tone up your muscles ready for the big reveal as you lose the body fat. All while improving the health of your heart. Videos of all exercises provided via your personalised login account, where you can also track your results & download extra goodies.

Nutrition coaching

Get personalised feedback on your current nutrition levels to make instant easy changes and then gradually incorporate what you’re learning week-by-week into your lifestyle in manageable chunks for long-term results. You will learn how to eat healthy for life... no fad diets. Just good natural food, easy preparation, easy portion control, plentiful tasty foods that will speed up your metabolism & help you maintain your ideal weight for life.

Ultimate Health Coaching

The best thing about all of this is that you have a highly recommended and fully qualified Personal Trainer with years of experience coaching you on a group and one-to-one basis over the course of a year. Although the majority of the coaching sessions are run in a group format, you still have one-to-one coaching and support to get all your personal questions answered. The focus is on your personal goals, and your Personal Trainer will go through a full health background check with you. This will all be at your pace, according to your current health & fitness levels. This programme is for anyone at any age / shape / size / fitness level whether beginner or advanced.

But Remember… This requires 100% commitment from you to step up and make a change for yourself, and to implement BIG ACTION on all the knowledge you are receiving in order for you to get results…

Knowledge + Action = Results!

Why a group format?

The group format allows you to hear other people’s struggles & successes, as well as getting your own questions answered which all helps you achieve your goals faster and gain a clearer understanding of the topic being discussed. Having a group of people going through the journey alongside you really helps to have that added feeling of support. Our families & friends try to support us with our lifestyle choices but it’s hard for them to fully understand if they’re not on the same journey. It’s always comforting to know you’re not alone on your journey!

What’s a Webinar and why is this being used?

A webinar is an online meeting. You will be sent a link via email, which takes you straight to the meeting. You can watch the presentation being shared on the screen, hear the voice of your coach, ask questions by either typing them in or asking aloud and you can join in the discussion if you wish or just sit back and listen. A webinar format allows people to join from all over the country, so it’s not restricted to any geographical area, and it keeps the costs down for the attendees as we do not need to pay a venue fee.

Why does it run over 12 months?

More often than not, as soon as we decide to make a change for ourselves, life throws up all the excuses why not to do it and usually gives us a few extra things to deal with and we get really busy. This is like a test of how determined you are to make this change for yourself. Implementing a lifestyle change is a lot easier with a Personal Trainer coaching you through it!The fact that you are integrating this into your lifestyle over a full year means you’ll know you can maintain it for the rest of your life no matter what life throws at you.

How quickly will I start to see results?

This depends on how quickly you put everything you’re learning into practice. It also depends on where you’re starting from. You will start to see some level of results within the first 4 weeks in terms of improved posture, and feeling much healthier. Your results will then continue to improve and be measured every 4 weeks throughout the course of the programme. I guarantee that if you put everything into action, you will see amazing results no matter what your starting point!

See written and video testimonials of my clients that have gone before you on the BodyFixwebsite.

What do you get?

  • 1 x Group coaching session per week (online webinar format, limited to 10 people)
  • 1 x One to One coaching session per month (phone / Skype)
  • Full email / text / telephone support
  • Private login access to fantastic online system where you can track your weight loss results, see videos of each of the exercises you are given, download nutrition e-books& more!
  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • Handouts from each of the group sessions
  • Accountability – a fully qualified Personal Trainer to help you implement everything you learn over the course of a year, and to coach you on how to integrate it into your lifestyle
  • Personal Transformation of health, body & mind

Your Time investment?

  • 1 hour per week of your time for coaching sessions
  • An additional 1 hour per month for one to one coaching

Outside of coaching sessions:

  • 4 hours per week allocated for exercise
  • 30 minutes relaxation time per day
  • Food preparation time (minimal)

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For more information or to sign up please contact Cheryl via the contact box below or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.